About Microcvd Corporation

Microcvd was founded in 2016 to focus on additive manufacturing technology development and commercialization. Our core expertise is Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition. We can design, build, deliver, and support a custom system to meet your project requirements. We also offer production print services for applications such as conformal printed antennas, and direct-write patterns and coatings on ceramics.

Microcvd Corporation is commercializing Laser CVD based on these core capabilities :

  • Laser CVD equipment design and build
  • Application-specific Laser CVD process design
  • Interconnect packaging for Microelectronics
  • 3D Printing of electrical circuits, interconnects, and antennas
  • Materials and Components R&D for hypersonics
  • Nanocomposite material 3D Printing R&D